The present one set aside, most of the websites I designed are now outdated. Still, you can have a look on this French phonetic game and on this page for the NYU martial arts club.

I also composed some musical pieces, before I became too busy . . . and so broke I had to sell my Korg. You can download a few as mp3 files. Sweet Sadness and Final Victory each last but six seconds; since they express wisps of feelings I am still unable to grasp with words, their titles are a bad fit. Oriental Doors is barely longer; I suppose it was composed for a game or a website. Other pieces, like Suicide Note and Puppet Ball, are simple ideas expressed in half a minute. Musical less than atmospheric, my longest composition is based on one leitmotiv (symbolizing fate) and unfolds over ten minutes; it was played at St Andrews during the interlude of a modern rendering of Sophocles’s play Œdipus the King directed by my friends and fellow students Lisa and Tracy Stuart. It is also around that time, in 1998, that I came up with Star Maze—maybe my favorite piece, though everyone else finds it too repetitive. It is true that the rhythmic pattern is like a flowing prison—a maze—through which another melody runs, turns, suddenly stops before starting anew, in search of an elusive exit. Have we not all, in the course of our lives, struggled through mazes of conflicting feelings we seemingly could not escape?